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Cheque Trancation System (CTS)

CTS, digital-based cheque exchange system, realizes safe, efficient, and speedy cheque settlement by the electronic transferring of cheque image.

Value to Customer
Cheque Trancation System (CTS) - Value 01
Value 01
Digital-based cheque exchange reduces the workload of a bank staff because it enables operations from each bank office, so cheques are not physically collected or redistributed for its processes.
Cheque Trancation System (CTS) - Value 02
Value 02
Central bank staff do not need to report clearing result because bank staff can obtain daily report and clearing file from their operation terminals.
Cheque Trancation System (CTS) - Value 03
Value 03
Electronic transmission of cheque reduces settlement risks.
Cheque Trancation System (CTS) - Value 04
Value 04
Flexibility enables CTS system to connected to other systems such as RTGS system.
Cheque Trancation System (CTS) - Scope
v-PaSSer CTS scope cover entire Application development process (Requirement definition ~ Design ~ Development ~ Testing ~ Installation).

In addition, Building system infrastructure, Consulting for current business analysis, Business/System operation training, Maintenance support and etc. can be provided optionally. Please refer to Service lineup for detail.
  • Functionality
  • Design Policy
  • Security
Settlement data and image data are stored in CTS.
Previous cheque data can be inquired.
Depository bank process cheque exchange by scanning and validating its image from each bank office.
Clearing process is executed automatically. Clearing data is generated as a result and is imported to external system for its settlement.
Bank staff can download the result file from their operation terminals.
Payor bank download its image and approve or reject cheque by checking its validity on the system from each bank office.
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