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ACH Bulk Payment (ACH-BP)

v-PaSSer ACH-BP provide 24/7 low-value payment for Bulk transaction such as salary, bill and tax payment, and risk-free settlement using debit cap features

Value to Customer
ACH Bulk Payment (ACH-BP) - Value 01
Value 01
Efficient communication is provided due to nearly 10,000 bulk transactions in single message
ACH Bulk Payment (ACH-BP) - Value 02
Value 02
Since 24/7 system, payment can be done anytime
ACH Bulk Payment (ACH-BP) - Value 03
Value 03
Non-bank such as customs & payment agent can be connected by Indirect account participant mechanism, so wide variety payment use case can be covered.
ACH Bulk Payment (ACH-BP) - Value 04
Value 04
DTNS mechanism + Debit cap features provides both liquidity saving & risk-free settlement
ACH Bulk Payment (ACH-BP) - Value 05
Value 05
Cost-efficient high performance according to expected transactions volume, and complimentary behavior change by parameter setting are realized
ACH Bulk Payment (ACH-BP) - Scope
v-PaSSer ACH-BP scope cover entire Application development process (Requirement definition ~ Design ~ Development ~ Testing ~ Installation).

In addition, Building system infrastructure, Support to involve participant such as FI & Indirect account participant, Business/System operation training, Maintenance support and etc. can be provided optionally. Please refer to Service lineup for detail.
  • Functionality
  • Design Policy
  • Security
Wide variety business use case such as Customer Credit Transfer, Direct Debit and Request to Pay
By integrating with v-PaSSer RTGS, possible to realize DTNS without any interoperability costs (Interoperability with other RTGS also possible)
Net debit cap and per transaction limit
Nearly 10,000 bulk transactions in single message
By integrating with v-PaSSer RTGS, possible to realize the safest debit cap with Central bank money and without any interoperability costs
Rich inquiry function for reconcile, debit cap management, and also can be integrated with v-PaSSer Dashboard
Efficient Liquidity saving with Clearing (Configurable number and time)
Indirect account participant with correspoinding bank contract
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