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Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

v-PaSSer RTGS provide reliable settlement excluding settlement risk, and efficient settlement with Liquidity saving between Financial institution at Central bank account

Value to Customer
Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) - Value 01
Value 01
Since cutting edge RTGS functions including overdraft has covered, it can be operated with under appropriate risk management based on PFMI
Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) - Value 02
Value 02
Hyblid settlement mode provides a choice by each transaction’s characteristic between “Immediate finality guarantees” and “Near real time + Liquidity savings benefits”
Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) - Value 03
Value 03
Cost-efficient high performance according to expected RTGS transactions volume, and complimentary behaivior change by parameter setting are realized
Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) - Scope
v-PaSSer RTGS scope cover entire Application development process (Requirement definition ~ Design ~ Development ~ Testing ~ Installation).

In addition, Building system infrastructure, Consulting for current business analysis, Business/System operation training and Maintenance support can be provided optionally. Please refer to Service lineup for detail.
  • Functionality
  • Design Policy
  • Security
Wide variety settlement business such as Bank to Bank transfer, Customer Credit Transfer/Direct Debit and Deposit/Withdrawal
Liquidity supply by Intraday overdraft/Overnight overdraft/Discount window with wide variety collateral types
Hybrid settlement mode (Real-time/Near real-time & Liquidity saving)
By integrating with v-PaSSer CSD, possible to supply liquidity by government bonds collateral safely and without any interoperability costs (Interoperability with other CSD also possible)
Efficient Liquidity saving with three payment methods (Bilateral Offsetting/Multilateral Offsetting/Single)
Batch settlement of clearing result (Integrated with v-PaSSer ACH/CTS, or interoperability with other Clearing system)
Forward data transaction
Indirect account participant with correspoinding bank contract
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